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Turn the page on your next adventure...

Welcome to Round Table Bookstore.  We are a locally owned and independent bookstore located in the NOTO Arts District.  We have a selection of new and used books available along with book accessories and gifts. 

During this time of social distancing we are offering free local delivery and curbside pick up  to meet your book needs.  Call us at 785-329-5366 or message us on social media.   


We're the new bookstore in Topeka, Kansas!

"I have lived a thousand lives and I've loved a thousand loves.

I've walked on distant worlds and seen the end of time.

Because I read."

- George R.R. Martin

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Storiarts:  Book Scarves, Writing Gloves, Baby blankets,

Literary Tees and Bags

Out of Print:  Shirts, Socks,

and Pins

If:  Teethmarks Bookmarks,

Book-Tails Bookmarks, Alpha Books

Flypaper: Bookmarks, Tote Bags, Coffee mugs, Candles